While success rate for typical technology based project is around 75%, to successfully accomplish a full program of multiple simultaneous projects requires a great deal of work, commitment, experience, and professionalism.
We are among the leading few providers of turnkey technology based business solutions.

Almanarah performs the role of the development & operation consultants. We plan and execute all phases for the turnkey business solution from concept to operation. This encompasses deliverance of what is known as Build Operate and Transfer projects (BOT).
We rely on our tested experience in this field and our overall vision of the project and its commercial impacts. We position ourselves as a neutral party having both the commercial and technical know-how. We form a team of partners having the best edge for success and who can deliver a full solution with low capital investment and minimal operational expenses. We deliver top professional solutions that serves the interest of the investors and achieve their goals.
We start by reviewing and studying the project feasibility and commercial impacts, and meticulously identify its business development, marketing, and operational requirements.
Knowing how these factors impacts the business and what risks are involved, we present the case to the investors and sponsors of the project with full transparency in way that aid their decisions to adopt or reject the project right from the start.
Our neutral position injects the reality check that aid the decision process for the stakeholders. The professionalism in addressing the risks and feasibility are important keys for success.
We may divide and explain the work involved in the three major phases for technology based BOT projects as:
Build phase with what precede it from market research, feasibility studies, reviews and assessments; and what it involves from business development, automation, implementation, training, quality assurance and audit. Followed by the Operation phase and what it involves from operation & maintenance, marketing & sales, and management. Ending with the Transfer phase and what is involves from commercial, management and legal work.

All of Almanarah work is designed to serve the interest of the customer first, as part of its financial returns is tied to successful delivery.
Our recent achievement culminated in the successful delivery of the first Consumer Credit Bureau business in the Kingdom. This turnkey project was delivered to Abdul Latif Jameel Company Ltd. (ALJISR) in a model partnership with Experian International.

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