At the same levels of competency and professionalism we use in business development, we offer consultancy services aimed to develop and reengineer the core businesses of government and commercial entities and sharpen their competitive edge in the ever open global markets.

The Methodology
Almanarah methodology is based on the simple principle of division and integration. Upon identifying the assignment scope of work, we use our knowledge base and competency to divide work into smaller manageable projects that we assigned to competent world renowned partners. Our competency will ensure successful delivery of a seamless integrated solution that serve the interest of our customers in the first place.

The Distinction
We are backed by many years of scientific and practical experiences, knowledge of the market peculiarities, and our partnerships with world renowned technology providers. We clearly show our customers the return on the investment they make with us. We are committed to give them our best and promise to

  • work for their interest first,
  • keep their information confidential,
  • not bias towards any specific partner,
  • be productive and most efficient.

The Consultancy Services

  • Establishing and managing Project Management Office (PMO) confirming to Project Management Institute (PMI) international standards.
  • Developing and re-engineering core business processes utilizing the latest technologies to achieve better HR restructuring, workflow, and cost reduction.
  • Conducting feasibility studies for technology based businesses and projects.
  • Developing strategic plans for IT & Comm based businesses/divisions.
  • Developing business and financial processes methodologies and procedures.
  • Implementing Oracle Financial Suite applications.
  • Auditing and quality assurance of IT & Comm projects.
  • Implementing ITIL standard for data centers operation.
  • Implementing quality management systems to achieve ISO certifications.
  • Developing business continuity and data centers disaster recovery plans.
  • Assessing systems security threats and enhancing defenses against breaches.
  • Developing business requirements, devising tenders, and evaluating offers.
  • Developing training plans and technology awareness programs.

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