We offer many services designed to support the operational environments, enhancing productivity, efficiency and returns on investment.

Recruitment and Outsourcing
  • Temporary and permanent placement of experienced technical staff
  • Turnkey management of recruitment and outsourcing projects
  • Management of jobs portals and job search sites

Operation & Maintenance for IT Divisions and Datacenters
  • Fully undertake datacenters and IT divisions outsourcing projects
  • Maintenance of software, provisions of spare parts and repair of equipment
  • Upgrade, scalability and development of systems and equipment

Technical Maintenance and Support Services for
  • Oracle, Microsoft and other system support licenses
  • Computer systems and peripherals
  • SAN storage and backup appliances
  • Data and other communication networks
  • IP Telephony and Video Conference networks
  • Application software and database management systems
  • Integration and interfacing of systems and databases
  • Data cleansing, correction and devising of data quality assurance measure
  • Planning and managing migrations to open systems
  • Obsolete applications and systems support
  • Call center for users and technical support
  • Consultancy for specialized systems configuration and performance tuning
  • Development and upgrade of datacenters infrastructure systems
  • Implementation of ITIL policies and audit
  • Security assessment and consultancy
  • Quality assurance and consultancy

  • Technology based training designed for technical staff
  • Enhancement of operational performance and knowledge transfers
  • End user application and technology awareness training
  • Development of specialized events and training programs
  • Skills assessments and development of customized training plans
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